Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2022 : $1 Million Is It Correct ?

Thomas MacDonald is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, and former professional wrestler. MacDonald first rose to prominence with the release of his song “Dear Rappers”. His songs “Fake Woke”, “Snowflakes”, and “Brainwashed” all appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021.

Tom MacDonald


Name: Tom MacDonald
DOB: 21 September 1988
Profession: Rapper, songwriter & More
Nationality: Canadian

Tom MacDonald Net Worth

As of June 2022, Tom MacDonald’s net worth is approximately $1 Million. MacDonald has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers. He is known for his single ‘Helluvit’ which he released in 2018 after he posted his first YouTube video. One of his most popular videos ‘Dear Rappers’ has more than 5 million views.

Tom MacDonald Height & Weight

Height: 6 feet & 1 inch
Weight: 79 kg

Early Life

MacDonald grew up in British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. He later worked as a professional wrestler under the ring name Allstar. MacDonald struggled with alcoholism throughout much of his life, and in 2017, had a “bad breakdown” that prompted him to begin rehabilitation.

Personal life

Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald was born on the 21st of September, 1988, in Canada. Since he was a kid, he has always been interested in rapping.


MacDonald started rapping at age 18 and first rose to fame after releasing the single “Dear Rappers” in February 2018. His song “Straight White Male”, written about MacDonald’s belief that straight white men are being demonized, was criticized on social media for its subject matter. In September 2019, MacDonald released the single “Cloned Rappers”, on which he rapped about the conspiracy theory that the Illuminati are cloning rappers and disposing of the originals. In late 2019, MacDonald was scheduled to be a supporting act for Falling in Reverse’s Episode IV Tour before it was cancelled. In 2020, he released 20 singles, including “White Trash”, “Sellout”, “Best Rapper Ever”, “Cancer”, and “Angels”. In March 2020, MacDonald released the single “Coronavirus”, which was written about the COVID-19 pandemic.

In January 2021, MacDonald released the single “Fake Woke”, which debuted at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100. After Eminem released a series of NFTs as part of his “Shady Con” event with Nifty Gateway, MacDonald purchased one—an Eminem-produced instrumental called “Stan’s Revenge”—for $100,000. MacDonald used the instrumental in creating his song “Dear Slim”, released in May 2021. The song’s accompanying music video paid homage to the music video for Eminem’s 2000 song “Stan”. In June 2021, he released “Snowflakes”, debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at 71. The music video featured political commentator Blaire White as a background dancer. His single “Brainwashed”, released in August 2021, peaked at 89 on the Billboard Hot 100.


What is Tom MacDonald worth?

Famous Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald wort 2022 is estimated as $1 Million.


As of 2022, famous Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald net worth is estimated as $1 Million. Tom MacDonald is considered one of the most controversial rappers in the hip-hop industry as of this year. People familiar with his work know that he is much more than a visionary hip-hop artist.

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