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Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is an American professional golfer. He’s tied for first place with PGA Tour wins, ranks second in major championships for men, and holds numerous golf records. Woods is widely recognized as one of the top players of the past, and among the top well-known athletes throughout history. You might be having the question that How Much Is Tiger Woods worth right now? Here is the answer for you. read the article properly to know the full detail of Tiger Woods.


Eldrick Tont Woods
DOB: 30 December 1975
Profession: American professional golfer.
Nationality: American

Tiger Woods Net Worth

Tiger’s first source of income is winning tournaments and endorsements for products. Since turning professional since 1996 Tiger is averaging $118m from the track (including $2.07 million that he took home in the 2019 Masters). This is 7.6 percent of his earnings in his career up to this point. Similar to other athletes such as Michael Jordan and Lebron James, the majority of Tigers fortune is due to endorsements. About 92.4 percent of his total earnings, roughly $1.6 billion, come from endorsements with brands like Nike, Gatorade, American Express, Asahi, General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck, TLC Laser Eye Centers and Buick.

Tiger’s primary earnings source is from winning tournaments and endorsements for his products. Since turning professional in 1996, Tiger is earning an average of $118m at the tracks (including $2.07 million he earned at his 2018 Masters). This amounts to 7.6 percentage of the earnings throughout his career to now. Similar to other sportsmen like Michael Jordan and Lebron James most of Tigers fortune comes from endorsements. Around 92.4 percentage of Tiger’s earnings, which is roughly $1.6 billion, comes from endorsements for brands such as Nike, Gatorade, American Express, Asahi, General Mills (Wheaties), Golf Digest, Rolex, Gillette, Accenture, Tag Heuer, AT&T, EA Sports, NetJets, Upper Deck, TLC Laser Eye Centers and Buick.

Tiger Woods Height & Weight

Height: 1.85 m
Weight: 84 kg

Early Life

Tiger Woods is a living legend in golf. He has made numerous records in gold. The man was raised in California in the state where he lived with his parents as well as his siblings. Tiger Woods was quite passionate about golf since a young age. His father, who passed away in the late 1970s, Earl Woods also has a significant role in the development of an impact on the life of Tiger Woods. Earl Woods was also used as a golfer during his time and also coached Tiger Woods to be a phenomenon. Tiger Woods became exceptional in golf during his time at school. He later received an award for golf.

Personal life

Tiger Woods has a very impressive career, and a more lavish lifestyle. However, his life is full of challenges and ups, due to his personal circumstances, he’s been through an enormous amount of stress as well. Tiger Woods was used to living with his wife and two kids. He got engaged to Elin Nordegren in 2004 and they were together until the year 2010. The reason they broke up is due to the scandals and mishaps that involved Tiger Woods. He acknowledged his mistakes but it was far too late to apologize. Not just in his private life, but also he was a victim of major setbacks in his professional life due to his scandals and relationships.


Tiger Woods is one of the most popular sportspeople ever. He is, in particular, the greatest golfers to have ever played. Woods started his career in golf during his college years. He began professional golf in the year 1996. In the following season, Tiger Woods won The Masters and became the first player to ever do so. Then the same year, he signed a deal for Nike Inc., which has made him very popular. Since then, Tiger Woods never looked back. He currently has more than more than 79 PGA tournaments, the 18 World Golf Championship, and numerous other. There’s not a single tournament or even a championship that Tiger Woods has not conquered.


How did Tiger Woods get so rich?

The majority of Woods’ money has come from sponsorship endorsements. Before Nike signed Tiger in 1996, annual sales from golf were approximately $25M in golf sales. Mainly made up of accessories. In 2016 when they decided to end their golf department they brought in over $700M.

Tiger Woods net worth ?

How much is Tiger Woods worth? Tiger Woods has an estimated net worth of approximately $800 million in 2022, following success both on and off the golf course.

Is Tiger Woods still a billionaire?

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time, winning 15 Major titles and a total of 110 professional tournaments worldwide. The American is by far the richest active golfer on the planet, with his net worth estimated at $800m back in 2018.

Why did Tiger drop out of tournament?

TULSA, Okla. — Tiger Woods, struggling in his comeback from severe leg injuries sustained in a car crash last year, withdrew from the P.G.A. Championship on Saturday night. The decision came hours after shooting a nine-over par 79, the highest score he has recorded during 22 P.G.A.

Tiger Woods Quotes

Tiger Woods Quotes

“If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?” ― Tiger Woods

“There’s always stuff to work on. You’re never there.” ― Tiger Woods

“if you gone come in second, you’re just the first loser!” ― Tiger Woods

“No matter how good you get you can always get better, and that’s the exciting part.” ― Tiger Woods

“You hit a bad shot, you have to get over it right there and then so you can get focused on the next one” ― Tiger Woods

“Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.” ― Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is a phenomenon of golf. He has made the sport more popular and well-known. Tiger Woods is the undeniable leader of golf. The accolades and his achievements say about his accomplishments. He has had a long and prosperous career. Even though he did not have a happy life in his family life and a very tense personal relationship, his golf game has never been influenced by this. He is a pro at golf.

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