NBA Youngboy Net Worth 2022 : $6 Million Is It Correct ?

Kentrell DeSean Gaulden , born October 20th, 1999. He is popularly referred to under the name YoungBoy Never Broke Again (also called NBA YoungBoy as well as simply YoungBoy) is an American rapper. Between 2015 and 2017, he dropped six mixtapes independently and steadily gained a fan base through his work. Moreover, In this article you get basic about NBA Youngboy Net Worth and more.

In late 2017, Gaulden was signed to Atlantic Records. In January 2018, he released the single “Outside Today”, which peaked at number 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song became the lead single for his debut studio album Until Death Call My Name (2018) which peaked at number 7 on the US Billboard 200.

NBA Youngboy


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NBA Youngboy Net Worth

In 2022 his Net worth was estimated to be $6 million. The majority of his earnings come from the online sale of individual tracks as well as downloads of his albums and mixtapes. The YouTube channel is with 10 million users “YoungBoy Never Broke Again”.

Even at just 20 years old the young rapper is significantly wealthier than many rappers his age. The bulk of NBA Youngblood’s money is from album sales as well as streaming of it.

NBA YoungBoy Height And Weight

Height: 173 cm
Weight: 75 Kg

Early Life

Kentrell Gaulden was born on October 20, 1999, in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He broke his neck while wrestling as a toddler, the injury requiring a head brace until the spine healed. The brace left permanent scars on his forehead. Gaulden was raised mainly by his maternal grandmother due to his father being sentenced to 55 years in prison. He dropped out of high school in ninth grade and was arrested for robbery and sent to a detention center in Tallulah, Louisiana. While there, he began writing lyrics for his debut project.

After he was released from the detention center, Gaulden’s grandmother died of heart failure and Gaulden moved in with his friend and fellow Baton Rouge rapper, NBA 3Three (also known as OG 3Three). The two then used acts of criminality to begin to pay for studio time.

Personal life

NBA Youngboy

At 22 years old, Gaulden is the father of seven children with six different women. Two of his sons, Kayden and Kacey, appeared in the video for his single, “Kacey Talk”.

In a 2017 profile for The Fader, Gaulden named Kamron as one of his sons. Kamron was born in July 2016 to Starr Thigpen just weeks after Kayden. However, a DNA test later confirmed that he was not the biological father. In April 2021, it was reported that he is expecting his eighth child with a seventh woman, Jazlyn Mychelle.


NBA YoungBoy began making music at the age of 14 years old. In 2014 the year he released his debut mixtape, ‘Life before Fame’ under the name NBA YoungBoy. Then, he followed it up with an array of mixtapes that included “Mind of a Menace” as well as ‘Mind Of A Menace 2 and Menace 3..

The year was 2016, and YoungBoy came into the spotlight with his popular mixtape ’38 Baby’ that garnered thousands of viewers on YouTube. Then he followed it up by a’song-for -rap beef with his fellow Baton Rouge rapper Scotty Cain.

In May of 2017, YoungBoy released the super smash hit single “Untouchable”. The song peaked at 95 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It was followed by the video for his track “41”.

YoungBoy’s career experienced a dramatic climb after his hit song ‘Outside Today’ debuted in the year 2018. The track became the top-charting track of his career reaching the top 35 spot on the Billboard Hit 100. YoungBoy’s forthcoming albums include the debut album of his studio , ‘Until the Death I Call My Name’ which is scheduled to be released in April of this year. As of 2022, NBA Youngboy’s net worth is $6 million.


How much money does NBA YoungBoy have right now?

As of 2022, NBA Youngboy’s net worth is estimated at $6 million.

Why did NBA YoungBoy change his name?

He changed his name from NBA YoungBoy in 2017, out of fear of a copyright dispute, just as his career began to gain footing. And he has a limited vision of his own future in hip-hop.

How much is NBA Youngboy worth in 2021?

YoungBoy worth in 2021 is estimated as $5.5 Million.

NBA youngboy Quotes

NBA youngboy Quotes

“I ain’t got nothing to prove to nobody.” – NBA YoungBoy

“Gotta keep my head above water, gotta make it through.” – NBA YoungBoy, “Untouchable”

“Without loyalty, you won’t accomplish anything.” – NBA YoungBoy

“Stuntin’ on everybody, whoever slept on me.” – NBA YoungBoy, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”

“I don’t really talk that much. I just watch and observe.” – NBA YoungBoy

“I pay for therapy because my thoughts ahead of me.” – NBA YoungBoy, “Lonely Child”

“I’m just a lonely child who wants someone to help him out.” – NBA YoungBoy, “Lonely Child”


As of 2022, NBA Youngboy’s net worth is approximately $6 million. Most of his income comes from online sales of individual tracks and downloads of the rapper’s albums and mixtapes. He has a YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers “YoungBoy Never Broke Again”.

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