Carter Reum Net Worth 2022 : $40 Million Is It Correct ?

Carter Milliken Reum is an American author, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist. He is best known for establishing M13 Ventures, an angel investment company. He is the husband of socialite Paris Hilton.


Name: Carter Milliken Reum
DOB: 05 February 1981
Profession:  American Author, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist.
Nationality: American

Carter Reum Net Worth

The net worth of Carter is thought as between $33 to $40 million, as per his Cheat Sheet and the Exact Net worth. Carter and Paris are an extremely powerful couple. The Hilton hotel owner has an estimated fortune of $300 million due to her numerous products, deals DJing gigs, and public appearances.

Carter Reum Height & Weight

Height: 5-feet, 11-inches
Weight: In Kilograms- 75 kg In Pounds- 165 lbs

Early Life

Carter Reum was born on February 5th, 1981.His father is Robert Reum who was president, chairman, as well as chief executive officer at Chicago’s Amsted Industries. It was named one of the America’s top private companies by Forbes. Reum as well as his brother Courtney and sister Halle which is the wife of Oliver Hammond, a descendant of the Annenberg family, have graduated in 2003 from Columbia College of Columbia University in 2003. Reum is an Zeta Beta Tau fraternity alumnus , who was inducted into the Delta Chapter at Columbia University.

Personal life

His father, Robert Reum, was chairman, president and chief executive officer of Chicago-based Amsted Industries, ranked one of United States’s largest private companies ranked by Forbes. Carter has one daughter with former actress Laura Bellizzi.

Reum graduated from Columbia College of Columbia University in 2003, as did his brother Courtney and sister Halle, who is married to Oliver Hammond, a scion of the Annenberg family. Reum is an alumnus of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity, initiated into its Delta Chapter at Columbia University.

On February 17, 2021, Reum and Paris Hilton announced their engagement. They married in Los Angeles on November 11, 2021.


Along with his brother Courtney, Reum co-founded the alcohol brand VEEV Spirits, a company listed in Inc. Magazine’s 5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States.

Reum appeared in the episodes of the TV show Hatched and has been commentator and guest on various networks, including CBS as well as Fox. He has been a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and Inc. He co-founded M13, an investment company. M13.


Who is carter reum ?

Carter Milliken Reum is an American author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He is most notable for founding M13 Ventures, an angel investment firm. He is married to socialite Paris Hilton.

What does Carter Reum do for a living?

What does he do for a living? Reum is an author, entrepreneur and venture capitalist known for founding investment firm M13 Ventures. In 2018, he published a book titled Entitled Shortcut Your Startup: Ten Ways To Speed Up Entrepreneurial Success.

Did Carter Reum come from money?

Reum is a venture capitalist who comes from money, just like his fiancée. His father, Bob, was the former president, chairman and CEO of Chicago-based Amsted Industries, one of the largest private enterprises in the US, and currently valued at $4 billion, according to Forbes.

How much is Paris’s husband worth?

The estimated net worth of Carter Reum is $40 million. The Los Angeles based VC founded the angel investment firm called M13 ventures along with his brother Courtney and is now best known outside the start up world as Paris Hilton’s husband.

How much is Carter Reum worth 2021?

As of 2021, Carter Reum worth 2021 is estimated as $36 million.

How much is Carter Milliken Reum net worth 2022 ?

As of 2022, Carter Reum worth 2021 is estimated as $40 million.


Carter Reum is an American author as well as entrepreneur and venture capitalist with a net worth between $35 to $40 million. Paris and Reum form a powerful couple, having a net worth of about $300 million. His income per year is about $2 million.

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